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Wellbeing, An Overview

What is wellbeing?
Wellbeing is a person’s physical and mental condition. It is the state of being healthy, happy, content, comfortable and satisfied with ones’ quality of life. Areas of wellbeing include; Moving, Nutrition and Resting or Pausing

Wellbeing and business?
Low levels of wellbeing cost business time and money. Companies with low levels of wellbeing will have higher rates of sick leave, higher turn-over of staff and lower performance. Total costs are estimated at £100 billion annually. Wellbeing can form part of your strategy for success, integrated into all policies, values and goals of a company. A simple set of low cost approaches, starting with a policy and survey questionnaire, can make a real difference and set your business apart from your competitors, attracting the best people and new customers.

Moving and wellbeing
Movement increased oxygen to the mind and releases endorphins, making staff more energised, focused and pleasant to work with. Low impact exercise such as walking, yoga and stretching are easily incorporated and effective. Research also suggests being outdoors helps with mental health.

Pausing and wellbeing
Mindfulness exercise can quieten the mind and help refocus staff. Staff will benefit from taking a 5-minute break to engage in a mindfulness exercise. Mindfulness also improves the immune system and increases empathy, so staff become more aware and understanding of each other’s feelings. Mindfulness is not about stopping thoughts but refocusing thoughts to the body.

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